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House 12 in Gemini

A primary strength of House 12 in Gemini placement is the ability to communicate complex spiritual concepts in a way that others can understand. The natural curiosity and desire to learn of Gemini can lead to a deep understanding of spiritual matters, which they can then share with others. This can make them excellent spiritual teachers or guides. Another strength is the adaptability and flexibility of Gemini. These traits can assist them in navigating the uncertain and often nebulous realms of the House 12. They are able to go with the flow, surrendering to the higher plan and trusting in the process. This can lead to a profound sense of peace and acceptance, even in the face of the unknown. However, House 12 in Gemini also has its challenges. Gemini's desire for practical, tangible results can clash with the 12th house's focus on surrender and faith. It can be difficult for them to accept that not everything can be understood or controlled. This can lead to frustration and feelings of helplessness if they are unable to find the answers they seek. Another challenge is the potential for isolation. The House 12 is often associated with alone time and introspection, which can clash with Gemini's social nature. They may struggle with the need for solitude that this placement often encourages, feeling torn between their desire to connect with others and their need for introspective reflection. When feeling comfortable, people born with House 12 in Gemini can come up with many innovative ideas and be wittier than others, as well as rational. On the other hand, they sometimes have their feelings impairing their judgment, so they need to learn more about tempering themselves.

House 12 in Gemini

When House 12 in Gemini natives are sacrificing their intelligence for others, they’re doing it with the hope that this will bring them the kind of love they’re looking for. Their intuition is strong and they can perceive their surroundings better than others. The aspect of House 12 in Gemini is known to influence how people are feeling from an intellectual point of view and doesn’t allow for some impressions to be formed. Those who were born during it can easily assimilate new information, unconsciously. Individuals born with House 12 in Gemini are struggling to rarely show what they’re feeling. They’re keeping secrets and hide everything about what they’re thinking into their soul, which can be very advantageous for them. All this means they can make their dreams come true without having to give up anything coming from their pleasant surroundings. More than this, those who envy them can never interfere with their plans. Being so secretive can also negatively influence them because their personality can’t be discovered. They don’t like being part of discussions and can’t communicate very efficiently, meaning they can’t make a real connection with their surroundings. For these reasons, they can come up with many philosophical and strange ideas when alone. The 12th House is all about the Cosmos and principles of the Universe, as well as about how people are feeling fulfilled.

House 12 in Gemini  isn’t very easy because of its Piscean nature and everything it has to do with emotion as an entity entirely apart from rational thought. Speech can be impaired, while those with lower self-esteem easily turn to gossip and matters that aren’t theirs to discuss to begin with. This is also a position that could give a wonderful talent for languages, words and writing. It is a shame to use it on other people and spend too much time thinking of their business, abilities and weaknesses. Those born with the twelfth house in Gemini must have ended their past life with a vast desire to speak their mind, share their inner truth, and express their personality in some way. Ties that get created here will manifest through strange friendships and their relationships with children, but most of the time, they will manifest through difficulties in their mind they cannot fully explain. Those born with House 12 in Gemini can’t use their energy efficiently when working in teams and express themselves best when on their own. This can have them feeling anxious, never appreciated. More than this, they seem to have issues with their family, when not appreciated enough for their intellectual abilities. It can be difficult for them to think objectively because they’re most of the time acting on spot. What the natives born with House 12 in Gemini are thinking is greatly influenced by what they see as important when it comes to the survival of their surroundings. These individuals have the aspiration to serve others and to use their brains to make everyone happy. They’re true givers, but they need to be inspired to function like this, not to mention they’re bothered by those who aren’t thinking for themselves.

House 12 in Gemini means increased intuitive ability to the integrity of the perception of the surrounding world. This aspect positively affects the psychological state, not allowing overload impressions. Personality easily handles new information, and this happens unconsciously. The necessary data appears in the head by itself, when the need arises in them. Such a person tries not to expose emotional feelings. Secrecy is a goal for which personal efforts are used. He diligently hides his thoughts in the treasury of the soul, which is an advantage. This allows you to realize your life’s intentions without devoting your surroundings to them. There are no envious persons who are able to destroy plans at the most inopportune moment. However, the above-described concealment also has some negative aspect. Personality is as if locked in an intellectual dungeon. She does not take part in the discussions and is distinguished by a lower level of communication skills. This prevents a full connection to the mental flow of the surrounding world. As a result of such isolation, strange concepts and philosophical ideas are formed in the person’s thoughts. They are also inclined to morbidity and melancholy.

House 12 in Gemini are masters of the Universe and true mental creatures. They acts selflessly. His or her mind is stimulated by Universal concepts, not to mention he or she is a very spiritual creature who’s at the same time connected with the materials realm. These people want to pursue an organized amalgam of ideas, so it can be difficult for them to deal with the many spiritual concepts of the 12th House. Because this House is also the “setting” for karma, the sign placed here is about what karmic debts people have. House 12 in Gemini have this type of debt in the field of communication, how their mind is working and how humanity is developing, as well in the field of understanding what life is meant for or how evolution takes place. The Gemini sign is not about profoundness when it comes to the knowledge of the 12th House. When on the cusp in this House, natives with this placement can finally express their true feelings. Pisces, which is the ruler here, has the nature to complete and to begin again. Geminis are the ones who all the time begin and have difficulties completing. People born with House 12 in Gemini can lie to themselves that they’re intelligent and good with words until they’re waking up from this dream they’re having. They learned that they need to play with their instincts when it comes to their environment, so they can act more based on emotions and less on logical assumptions. Therefore, they can be slaves to their intellect and think too much, sometimes to the point of becoming manipulative just for the sake of it. They should realize everyone knows how to think and has opinions worthy of being taken into consideration. If not egotistical, they can be the ones who are speaking for those who can’t because they can communicate with the abused and the people who are confused or unable to help themselves.

House 7 in Geminin seem to have issues with their family, when not appreciated enough for their intellectual abilities

Sometimes people with House 12 in Gemini end up disconnecting from their spirituality. Consequently, you might have so much curiosity about different spiritual practices, that you end up not deepening any of it, and not creating a strong relationship with yourself and your spirituality. It’s good for you to compromise with a practice. Although it’s ok to try different ones, you want to make a commitment and put some energy on your connection with yourself. Communication and compromises are probably your biggest challenges during life. Adding to that, you might even lack following your dreams because you get too disperse and you lack focus. You can work consistency through your spirituality. In fact, you need to have isolation moments of learning in order for you to find your path in life. Another tendency is for an extreme necessity for finding a scientific and rational explanation for everything in your life, and you end up not surrounding yourself. Learn how to say no to the things you don’t want. Align with your intuition, it will help you know what you actually want in life. You don’t need to let go of all rationality, but let yourself just be and feel a little bit every day and improve your connection with yourself. House 12 in Gemini natives can understand everyone is both a master and a learner, meaning they have everything they need to help others. Knowing everything about their internal energy, they can study spirituality and matters of the metaphysical. More than this, they can employ their talent with the arts to help others. House 12 in Gemini is making solitary people more imaginative. This means natives with this placement can change their thoughts when surrounded by people. They’ve likely had a difficult childhood that’s presently affecting their existence in the sense that they’re not getting along well with their loved ones. Sometimes, they can reveal their secret thoughts and strategies, but when it comes to taking action, they’re doing it impulsively.

House 12 in Gemini promotes a sense of compassion towards the sick and disadvantaged. A person begins to engage in charity to satisfy light needs. He is able to find suitable words of consolation, spend considerable amounts of money for help. Such activities give the person a sincere self-gratification and a state of harmony with the external environment. A person needs to be prepared for mental theft. His favourite thoughts are able to take over familiar people and use them without any references. This is not a cause for conflict, tolerance should be tolerated. Also, a person may have secret enemies, constantly building a variety of machinations. They are often characterized by an increased intelligence, and as a result, special care must be taken in communication. Personality of the slope to sudden changes in mood. Sometimes emotional uplift can be replaced by a prolonged depression, depressing the nervous system. Such actions occur instinctively and are not controlled by the mind. In such a person, under certain circumstances, extrasensory abilities may open. If this happens, it is recommended that efforts be made to develop the gift so that it will bring life’s benefits. House 12 in Gemini often has excellent intuition. When processing information, he uses the unique capabilities of the subconscious, resulting in the necessary data appear themselves. It is recommended to choose professional activities related to psychology. The study of this science is given to a person relatively simply. The result is significant prosperity, allowing you to understand the intricacies of human nature.

Individuals born with House 12 in Gemini are compassionate with those who are sick or in a bad situation. They’re giving to others and can console those who are troubled, not to mention how much they’re willing to spend to help. All these things are making them feel gratifies and more in harmony with their surroundings. These people should be ready to have their ideas stolen because they can say many interesting things without giving references or looking to implement their ideas. However, this shouldn’t trouble them that much, even if they have secret opponents who are working to impede them from getting things done. Because they’re very intelligent, they need to take extra care when communicating. It’s not easy to deal with the 12th House because the sign of Pisces is the ruler here, so emotions are dominating, leaving rational thinking behind. More than this, natives with Gemini here can have problems with their speech, and those who don’t respect themselves enough can be too obsessed with gossiping. At the same time, this placement is helping its natives to be talented with foreign languages and at writing.

People born with House 12 in Gemini should spend some time analysing what they’re doing in life and what are their weaknesses or strong points. It’s possible that during past lives, they had a great desire to express themselves and talk about what’s in their minds. The connections formed by them with others are usually strange and they have healthy relationships with children. However, they may have a difficult time explaining what goes through their minds. Their personality is prone to change suddenly, according to their mood, not to mention they can be depressed instead of emotionally happy. This is happening to them instinctually, not because their mind is telling them to be this way. Certain events in their life can open some extrasensory talents of theirs. In such situations, they should make an effort to develop these talents of theirs because it can be beneficial for them. The person born with House 12 in Gemini is very intuitive. When acquiring new information, he or she can use the subconscious mind and make new insights appear. This is why natives with this placement should study psychology or choose it as a career. When understanding better human nature, they can be themselves and therefore, more prosperous.


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