House 11 in Sagittarius

Being born with House 11 in Sagittarius makes your friendships somehow chaotic. You have a lot of friends who have very different interests and hobbies, and often among your friends there are representatives of other cultures. For you, the social status of the person with whom you communicate is important, and because of this you often make contacts with famous and influential people, for example, show business stars, politicians, famous writers, etc. You are quite optimistic about the world around and look with confidence in the future. Thanks to this, it’s easy to start new business, sometimes very ambitious. A person born when the 11 House in Sagittarius, adheres to a broad view and is free from virtually any prejudice. The reason for this lies in the fact that he communicates with people who hold different, often completely opposite opinions about certain situations and objects. Often, his close acquaintances are representatives of large corporations that have great influence. Part of this influence is transferred to him, which opens up certain possibilities for him. For a group such people do not represent any special functional value. They are, rather, its decoration and source of inspiration. Of these, energy is always flowing, which other members of the collective are caught. In a group, it is hard for such a person to work. The reason for this lies in the fact that in order to achieve goals in the process of collective interaction, it is necessary to exercise restraint, build logical arguments and focus on specific things. In the process of work, this person is more distracting than helping. In order to benefit his social group, he needs to learn one thing — do not always run up to everyone you see and try to encourage him. Sometimes it’s better to leave a person alone, especially if he is busy with something. Such people easily accept various ideas. However, their ideology and temperament often prevail over the responsibility for the welfare of the group. They almost never manage to make any decisions, and their work often requires corrections. If such a person works on his personality and develops, he can become someone who raises people around for some sort of thing. Yes, it is difficult for them to deal with something specific, but to encourage others to make great achievements is easy. Thanks to this they can be good psychotherapists, orators or pop stars. However, when people reach the peak of their development, new friends are sure to start hammering to them. This can be a big problem, since from those they can often hear flattery and undeserved praise. In view of their developed charisma and rapid addiction to people who cause trust, they easily make friends and keep warm relations with them all their lives. You have plenty of friends from all walks of life, but most of them are casual relationships. You want to be around people who you can have raucous debates with. You have big dreams, and no matter how big they are, they can fall into place easily for you. Sagittarius is a Fire Sign overlaying an Air House, so individuals with this Sign/House combination will rely on exploration, intricate thinking, and philosophy as their way to find and be a part of the community. They will be adventurous and scholarly when looking for their tribe. Positively, these individuals bring the wider world-view energy to the community and fulfil the role of the Explorer archetype. Negatively, they can be authoritarian, using belief as a weapon to promote those they like and smite those they do not like. If they do find their group, they will encourage everyone to share knowledge from experience to strengthen the group dynamic.



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