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House 11 in Cancer

Those born with House 11 in Cancer tend to prefer deep, meaningful, relationships nurtured by intimate get-together. "Friends will be more like family, and less is more here," Natives born with Cancer in the Eleventh House are treating everyone like family. When parting ways with someone, they’re experiencing some sort of surprising breakdown. If having to work in teams, they’re completely dedicated and can connect with the group. It’s like every one of their relationships is intimate. Their instincts are telling them what to do when they’re working in teams, not to mention they have an inner need to collaborate and are all the time focusing on others’ needs. For this reason, they’re considered to be quite needy. When showing this side of them, they can be illogical. However, they’re attached and in the same detached from their loved ones because they feel like they need to relax. Their soul is highly influenced by their associates, but they don’t want to admit this. These natives have sensitivities when it comes to the emotions others are feeling and can feel as part of the collective. They should be careful not to put themselves in others’ shows too often, as they can end up dependent on what others are saying and deny the truth their emotions are telling them to listen to. Their feelings are usually manifesting rapidly and strangely, almost psychotically. They should avoid not trying to listen to them because they would only intensify. In conclusion, they’re feeling amazing when they know how to address these emotions of theirs and their judgment isn’t clouded. About technology, they can change their taste in gadgets more than often. Some days, they can just turn their phones off, whereas others, can use it for hours. It’s funny how they believe these instruments are people and their friends. As said before, people born with House 11 in Cancer want to have people over their place. Their group of friends is not that large and regarded as family.

House 11 in Cancer

They can dream to help those in need. When it comes to their plans, they prefer to keep them secret. These people can be nurturers for others for years and say nothing about what’s in their mind regarding the future until their objectives have been attained. They’re seeing the care received in groups as personal and this is influencing their ways of taking care of different matters or business. If the Moon or Cancer is in the Eleventh House, people with this placement tend to treat their friends like family and to be closer to women. When it comes to their social life, they want to go out to dinner and to decorating places, as well as at family functions. Their home is the place where they’re feeling the most secure and protected. As far as emotions are going, these are one of their best assets. However, they can be too motherly and afraid to lose their friendships, almost to the point at which they’re no longer developing. Because they’re sensitive, others see them as their best friends. However, they should avoid becoming superficial when they’re trying too much to please because they can end up opening up to any negative influence. If Neptune is very present in their birth chart, they can make friends with manipulative people who are only looking to take advantage of them. This doesn’t mean they should all the time suspect others, they should just not allow their naturalness to influence their judgment. The 11th House is also one of relationships, so it’s giving natives having Cancer here the need to make friends and to connect with their Self, just that after, to connect with the entire world. These people are so involved in other people’s lives that they can believe in themselves that they’re inferior. They can be so involved in what life has to offer that they’re only paying attention to how others are reacting and their emotions. They need to rise above being too emotional when it comes to relationships and to only have high-quality connections that are making them feel comfortable. They also have the mental needs of the Aquarius and that are natural for the 11th House, meaning they can be constructive when truly wanting something. Their intuition is strong, so they can solve many life issues. More than anything, this is working for them when they’re working in teams. In case they’re noticing any inconsistency and they’re resolving it, they don’t want to take all the credit. The person with Cancer in Eleventh House loves being like family with friends. This astrological placement is strange because it’s making people want to be free from emotional connections, but this case is usually avoided by many. Natives having it in their birth chart strongly feel for their socializing partners, not to mention they’re sensitive to others’ problems and empathetic. It doesn’t matter how rational they are, they can’t give up their warmth. If they want to have more of it, they should allow themselves to be emotionally deep, no matter how wrong this may seem. The thing is, these people deserve calmness and peace of mind, but they can’t have these things sometimes because they may not be built for them. It can be said they’re socialists because they love to help and can tolerate a lot, especially when it comes to emotions. Seeing they strongly care about their loved ones, they aren’t too reliable, though. While understanding this side of their personality, they still can find it difficult to deal with the demands of others. For their friends, they’re very valuable. However, others can feel they’re manipulative because their intuition is telling them so. In case they’re not developing their personality, they can start to gossip too much and to make their dreams come true with the help of others. If they manage to work on their personality as much as they need to, they can end up being the warmest and most devoted people. When it comes to their connection with their family, they like to identify themselves through the eyes of those at home. With these people, they’re sincerely warm and giving.

House 11 in Cancer are protective of friends

When House 11 in Cancer, you can be very protective of your friends. You view your friends as your second family. You may have difficulty making new connections due to your shy and reserved nature. You rely on your emotions for motivation which shows that you can experience some ups and downs throughout your journey to fulfil your ambitions. In your friendships you value your friends and you share a strong emotional bond with them. Your friends matter to you and you always seek ways to show you love them. You can be dependent on your friends and you may share unhealthy boundaries with your friends. You may view your friends as family due to your closeness and attachment to them. You may have the same friend group for a long period of time and once you form a friendship with someone you are unlikely to ever give it up. If you are feeling good you are motivated and determined to accomplish a lot and if you are not feeling well emotionally you lack drive and it may take a while for you to get it back. This indicates that you may lack discipline and you have to learn to put your emotions aside when you have a goal you want to pursue. You are fearful of going out of your comfort zone and pursuing your dreams. This can make you bitter and insecure and you may project your insecurities onto others. In order to deal with this you must learn to let go of what no longer serves you purpose in life. You can be optimistic and dream of the life you could have once you decide to go out of your comfort zone and pursue what you want the most. You are fearful of forming a connection with anyone new and you are unlikely to pursue people first. You have a friendly nature, but you aren’t needy of new friends, especially if you already have a friend group you love and are attached to. You view your friends as your second family and you may find it difficult to build a relationship like that again. You love helping other people and bringing purpose into their life. You empathize with all kinds of people and your kindness is spread everywhere you go. You are likely to participate in humanitarian activities like donations, charity, etc. You love doing good for other people and improving other people’s lives. With Cancer in the 11th House of your natal chart, you hold strong emotional attachment to your friends. You may have difficulty making new friends as you tend to prefer the company of people you have known for a longer time. You can be quite reserved and you fear leaving your zone of comfort.

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