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House 10 in Libra

With House 10 in Libra you place a special emphasis on your personal fulfilment, on your vocation; but this can also be extended to fulfilment in other aspects of life, for example in choosing a partner for life. You are very kind towards others and there is a tendency to care for others; altruism is strongly expressed in this position. When individuals reach emotional maturity, they are more likely to be successful in their career and financially. The interests are on the side of architecture, law and what implies justice, aesthetics and form. They seek harmony in everything they do, they develop the ability to listen and, as we said, with a precise sense of justice. They have the facility to make friends, participate in groups. Its keyword is ethics. Others see these serious and fair people. However, when Venus is weak and Saturn contributes to negative energies, they can project an image of indecision and doubt; they do not convey confidence to others and everyone sees them as superficial people who depend too much on the collaboration of others.

House 10 in Libra

If the configuration of House 10 in Libra, we instantly see that the center of one’s world is found in their relationships. Other people will define the destination this person will choose, and it will not be easy on their personality if the Sun isn’t very strong in its position and disposition through the planet ruling it. Tenth house in Libra speaks of one’s chase for marriage, search for a soulmate or someone to define their strivings in life. While they seek balance, they will find as much of it as their Venus allows, and in time build a strong basis for an equally manifested personal and professional life. Tact, diplomacy and dedication are the main traits a person with this position is trying to gain. This is why they will turn to professions in politics, law, marriage counselling, or simply point their life towards finding their one true love, putting every other segment of life aside.

House 10 in Libra are looking for balance

While looking for balance, House 10 in Libra people can find just as much as Venus is allowing them to find, which can help then build in time a stronger foundation for what they can manifest in their personal, as well their professional life. Diplomatic, tactful and loyal, they’re meant to succeed, no matter what they’re doing for a living. For these reasons, natives born with Libra in Tenth House are deciding to become politicians, marriage counsellors or just to focus on finding the perfect partner for themselves and this way, no longer being interested in another aspect of life. It’s normal for them to be in the center of attention and to be supported by people who want to help them with their work. These natives can find great satisfaction in working in teams. Their friends and acquaintances are usually respectable individuals with a good reputation. When it comes to their soul, it needs to be spiritually enlightened and for them to use all of their creativity. Because they’re always looking to attain perfection, individuals born with House 10 in Libra always have harmonious relationships. When it comes to the professional sphere, they’re ethical and famous as fighters for their community. Everyone sees them as nice and they deserve it because their purpose in life is to love. However, this can complicate their romantic life. More than this, they’re all the time feeling free to flirt around and to make others think they may be hitting on them, so this behaviour of theirs needs to stop. It won’t help them in any way that they’ve been wanted by many during their high school years because this is only saying that they’re attractive. Many of them may bloom late in life, meaning they’re making dating a goal when adults. House 10 in Libra won’t be stopped from finding their other half because they’re motivated to do just so, after a period of waiting. These people give a lot of importance to their peace of mind and balance. If they can have these things, their success is sure to follow. Loving to be in creative and nice environments, they don’t mind sharing their space with those they can inspire.

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